Vineyard Birdnetting

Netmaster supply both 15mm Diamond mesh (30 gsm) and 15mm Hexagonal mesh (39 gsm) birdnettings in a full range of sizes from 4m to 20m. This enables covering single rows, a multiple of rows, or a complete block protection with a single net providing a physical barrier.

Lockoutnetting utilises a nylon mono wire threaded into the selvedges. The threaded edges enable nets to be linked together and a secured edge on the ground.

Together with samples provided by other suppliers to a major Australian wholesaler, our birdnetting was submitted for independent testing. The results highlighted that not only did Netmaster product show the highest strength, but also consistency, having the narrowest range of standard deviation in both strength and product weight over twenty specimens.

Supplied in either white or black colours, features of all Netmaster vineyard birdnettings are:

  • manufactured with a superior quality yarn
  • additional reinforcement where handled on selvedges
  • coloured centre line
  • ten year UV warranty

We can also manufacture to order the narrower side nets which are used in areas of low bird pressure.